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  Bob Asp & Jerry Story Square Dance  - Sunday Oct 4, 2015  

Take advantage of the opportunity that Fairfield is hosting - just for you - on Sunday, Oct 4 - a 'kick up your heels' dance from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM.


2 PM  -  4 PM  -  Club 50 Dance - New Dancers Encouraged to come!

4 PM  -  4:30    -  EA "toughie"


The dance is to raise funds for a good cause: for GSI (Grand Square International), a non profit organization which does free things for Square Dancing nationally and internationally, for example they fund the free Caller School which is held before every National Convention, which is what we are raising funds for by having this dance this Sunday.


If you have danced to Bob before, do a new dancer a favor and tell them how much fun you had - and that they should not miss this workshop and dance opportunity. Better yet, promise that new dancer that they are welcome for the first tip in YOUR square.


If you have not danced to Bob before --- then get ready for the square dance ride of your life. Do NOT be shy about making this outing your "first official dance post lessons". There has never been a more gracious caller for new dancers -- he has a canny ability to 'tame' his calling to fit the new dancers, while retaining the beat, quality and clarity of his music. DO NOT LET THIS ONE GO BY --- unless you are ready to put on some serious road miles, we won't see him again for a while.  ~ JR


Place: Jefferson County Fairgrounds - Wood Floor 4H Hall - Fairfield, Iowa 

Bob Asp

Bob attended a caller school in Omaha, NE, run by Harold Bausch and started Hub City Squares in Rochelle, IL, in 1978.  Bob helped start the Panhandlers square dance club in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and was the club caller for the Gateway Swingers in Fredricksburg, Maryland. 


Bob records for Solid Gold Records and partners with Tom Manning (producer/owner of Solid Gold Records) in Solid Gold Sound, providing sound equipment for state conventions and regional festivals. 


Bob is involved in four major square dance weekends:


Bob is a member of Callerlab, the professional organization for square dance callers.  



Bob Asp started square dancing when he was 8 years old with the Turtle Squares of Oregon, Illinois.  Bob’s parents had already been dancing for several years.

Bob Asp at IL Convention

From the floor:

Bob takes tremendous pride in this constant upgrading of his music and his calling -- and he should -- he packs a punch and he is NOT a caller that you will forget!

Come dance with him -- you will be happy that you did -- your feet will be happy - your heart will be happy -- and he will then be one of your favorites - just like he is ours; and on the way out you will be exclaiming, "WOW, that was GOOD!  ~ JR

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