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Modern Western Square Dance Lessons

Fairfield, IA

If you can walk, you can square dance!

No partner needed!

WHERE: - HFI Creativity Lab - 408 West Lowe Ave., Fairfield, IA 

                - Beautiful dance hall - all new wood floor

                - Bring indoors shoes to dance in 

WHEN:  Monday evenings starting January 13, 2020 

Last chance to signup Jan. 20th.  Come take the first lesson for $5, no strings attached. If you like it, come back on the 20th and sign up for the whole session.


TIME:  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

  Classes start on time!  

  Come early to be ready to start at 7:00  


COST: $50 for 12 sequential lessons -

   - Each builds on the last

   - No signup after the second week

CALLER: Robin Ragen



Sarvani:  641-233-1331

Mary:      641-472-6096



You can also click on Class Registration Form below to register

 Club 50 Square Dance Program 

Until recently, Square Dance Clubs taught new dancers over 100 calls before they could fully participate in a dance.  This level of proficiency takes 9 months or longer to achieve. Now, more and more clubs across the country are teaching the Club 50 program and, more importantly, including Club 50 tips at their regular dances so newer dancers can join the fun.

Club 50 is a square dance program designed to get you Square Dancing in a short period of time.  As a new dancer, you can learn the 50 calls more quickly – enabling you to share the fun, fitness and friendship of Square Dancing sooner!

You need to learn a collection of calls and be able to respond to them. To function as a member of the team you have to learn the language. Luckily the lessons are fun. Mastering something is fun. And the end of each lesson is a short dance geared to what you’ve learned so far.

Club 50


Information  PDF: 

Discussion of standard & extended appications calls & choregraphy

Brief history of square dancing

 Lessons & who can attend 

As long as you can walk, know your right from your left — and like to laugh — you can learn to square dance.


Today’s square dance uses a variety of music. We've danced to new hits such as All About the Bass, Call Me Maybe or Blurred Lines, as well as older favorites such as Thriller or Ghostbusters. We've also danced to show tunes, classical and traditional music. The music choice all depends on the instructor.

If you’re a step-counter, you’ll easily log 3,000 to 4,000 steps per class. 

We welcome singles and couples of all ages - a partner is not required..

New Club 50 Square Dance Classes for Beginning Students

Starting January 13, 2020 

  - Great refresher  course too! - 

Come enjoy the fun of square dancing!

Live Ten Years Longer!

Square Dancing will add ten years to your life, a surprising new study shows. Dr. Arron Blackburn states "It’s clear that square dancing is the perfect exercise. It combines all positive aspects of intense physical exercise with none of the negative elements."

Spin the Top - Definition: Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one half (180 degrees). The new center dancers turn three quarters (270 degrees) while each outside dancer moves forward in a quarter circleto meet the same center dancer with whom he started. Ends in an ocean wave which is at right angles to the original starting wave.

"It has been a great new activity for my wife and me to enjoy together.'We've enjoyed meeting wonderful new people and the experienced dancers always make us feel welcome." ~ GG

"For exercise, mind-body coordination, teamwork, fellowship, and fun, square dancing offers an unexpected bounty of benefits!"  ~ EMR

"I'm totally surprised on how much I enjoy both learning and going to the dances - dancing of any kind was not on my list - great exercise while totally enjoying it - FUN is the best descriptor!"  - DE

"This was not my old junior high school kind of square dancing. This was something full of much more spirit, much more joy, much more kindness." - SO

Why do I love square dancing? 


Square dancing Challenges my mind and my body and it feeds my soul.


Let me tell you how it has changed my life.


 When I started square dancing I had a high stress job, I worked all the time, got very little exercise and my only friends were my co workers.


Square dancing requires complete focus, I can not think of my worries or stress when I dance.


Square dancing is good for my body, I am moving and using all my muscles and this is exercise I love.


Square dancing is group activity,  it is making friends to music. I have made friends from many different walks of life and ethnicities, these people have touched and enriched my life.  


Square dancing gives me the opportunity to continually learn and keep my mind active.   ~ PA

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