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Testimonials and Comments from Class Participants in Fairfield

"For exercise, mind-body coordination, teamwork, fellowship, and fun, square dancing offers an unexpected bounty of benefits!"  EMR


“I must say that square dancing is nothing that ever crossed my mind. I

would never have thought of it in a million years. Yet here I am loving it.
Go figure.”  - SJ

"Focus and fun - that is what I love about Square Dancing." -  RB

"So much fun I cannot wait for the next dance." -  R. N.

"Love the exercise for mind & body and love the people in class and at the dances. It's a blast!"  -  M.G.

"I started square dancing in order to rehab an injured foot, then fell in love with it." - SO

"I'm totally surprised on how much I enjoy both learning and going to the dances - dancing of any kind was not on my list - great exercise while totally enjoying it - FUN is the best descriptor!"  - DE


"Easy enough to be fun and challenging enough to keep it interesting.  -GG 


"This was not my old junior high school kind of square dancing. This was something full of much more spirit, much more joy, much more kindness." - SO


"It has been a great new activity for my wife and me to enjoy together.
'We've enjoyed meeting wonderful new people and the experienced dancers always make us feel welcome." GG


"It gets the happy juices flowing - such good friendships happen" - SV



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