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Curt Braffet

Curt Braffet


Curt began dancing in 1972 and didn’t catch the calling bug until 1985. Once he started, it didn’t take long before his calling took off. With the help of his father Pat, Charley Engelhardt, and Brad Carter, Curt quickly honed his skills and became very popular where-ever he called.


A dancer once said about Curt - “He takes the same old call and makes it look different while keeping a smooth flowing dance”, That’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received said Curt who always strives to give the dancers a challenge, yet let the dancers enjoy the “dance”.


Curt has recorded for various record labels like Nickle, Chicago Country, Miracle, and Royal. He is on the calling Staff at Pride RV resort in Maggie Valley N.C., Turkey Run State Park in IN., Chula Vista Resort in WI., Shady Rest Lodge in WI., and will be calling at the WIPAC (Wisconsin Plus*Advanced*Challenge) weekend this August in West Bend, WI.


If you’ve never heard Curt Braffet call, your in for a treat. He has great timing for your dancing pleasure, and his singing voice is top-notch!

From the Floor:

I caught the recent e-mails (at least a few of them) circulating in Fairfield discussing different music that square dancers might enjoy dancing to. I was not at all surprised that the artistic and open-mindednew dancers of Fairfield would be 'kicking around' some ideas for different music. If you meant what you said, and I believe you did -- you MUST -- absolutely MUST attend Fairfield's Sunday April 6th dance with Curt Braffet.


Danny and I had danced for two years before we had the opportunity to dance to Curt Braffet. He is an Illinois caller and NOT in our area often (although I would certainly sign a Petition to have him visit MUCH more often.) We now take every opportunity we can get to dance to him, including his Plus weekends which are exceptional and fill up quickly!


Curt has a very young, energetic (hinging on ornery), open approach to square dancing; he is fun; he loves calling; and the music that he uses will encompass you; and you just won't want it to stop!!


Anyone (besides me!) old enough to remember Gary Puckett and the Union Gap? In the late 1960's (I was barely a teenager) -- they had hits titled "Woman, Woman" "Young Girl" and "Lady Willpower". Curt recently incorporated "Lady Willpower" into a square dance and we first heard it at Illinois Convention last July -- it was a show stopper!! It is just unbelievably beautiful - heart moving and if I were 13 again, I would put it on my record player and play it over and over and over!


So come to the dance - and we'll request that he do it (at least once; if not over and over and over!) See you there! ~ JR

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