Fairfield Group - Fairfield, IA


Fairfield Square Dance, Inc.

An Iowa Nonprofit Corporation




Sarvani Viger-Edson

Mary Gagnon






Caller: Robin Ragen


Visiting Callers - click on name:

Tom Manning  

Jerry Story

Bob Asp

Ken Burke

Jerry Junck   

Curt Braffet  

Dave Sutter

Gale Ramberg  

Dave Schultz

Pam Courts

Mike Hogan

Kenny Bailey

Sprosty Brothers

Clubs and Activities in SE Iowa​

Pam Courts Workshop in Fairfield

Dudes 'n' Dolls

Contact:  Jo Slaymaker

Phone: (641) 682-9688

Contact:  Michele Weber

E-mail:  teacherweber@yahoo.com

Caller: Robin Ragen

New Location!

Christian School Gym (wood floor)
438 McKinley, Ottumwa, IA  

Fridays & Sundays


Contact: Bob & Barb Orman
Phone:  641-682-5038
E-mail:  orman.barbara@yahoo.com

Church of the Brethren
1210 West Williams
Ottumwa, IA

Circle Square B Promenaders

Contact: Lucy Manning
Phone: 319-754-4553
Caller:  Tom Manning
Phone: 319-752-4205
E-mail:  tommanning06@aol.com
IA IOOF Hall, Wever, IA  

Every Tuesday


Lads And Lassies

​Contact: Dave & Jane McCombs
E-mail:  janedave@mchsi.com

IA Grant School, Albia, IA

2nd & 4th Thursday

Petticoat Junction

Contact:  Barb Stiles
Phone:  641-877-3231
E-mail:  stilesjb@hotmail.com

Highway 65 ,near Humeston,  Our Place Cafe

1/2 Mile South of Junction 2 and 65 on H65, Humeston, IA

2nd & 4th Fridays, September through June

Shirts And Skirts

Contact:  Ralph & Jan Schnoebelen
Phone:  319-648-5201

E-mail:  jan@schnoebelen.net

Ainsworth Gym, Ainsworth, IA
Usually 1st & 3rd Saturdays

Ocean Waves

Contact:  Lynn & Ethel Yoder, Carolyn Hufferd

Phone:  319-325-3670

E-mail:  hufferd.carolyn@gmail.com

Closing - Contact them for end of year schedlue.