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David Edson - 

Enjoying Paris from the Seine

Engineering Design & Communication.​

​Inspiration and motivation

There is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation — it’s about bringing order to complexity.”     Jonathan Ive


Web Site Design Services

Simple yet elegant web design and supporting services -


I can help you with your custom web site  with the option to maintain it yourself or use support services as needed.  


Services include design of the site, editing and help with selection of information, and when finished help with learning how to maintain it yourself combined with inexpensive support services if desired.



Lily - Magnificence


David Edson


The IQXP Program - Dynamic Stock Market Program

Developed & refined for over 10 years,  provides investment managers and real-time traders analytic tools to monitor, analyze and trade the market.  


The IQXP Program is based on 20 years experience in design, development of complex financial real-time stock market analysis and display software with emphasis on dynamic visuals and sound feedback alerts. 


Go to for further information on the IQXP Program or contact me below.



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