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Gale Ramberg

Gale Ramberg

Gale has been calling for many years . He calls Mainstream through  Advanced and Challenge levels.  He is great with new and beginning dancers as well as older dancers .  This will be a great chance for everyone to enjoy an afternoon of dancing and social entertainment. I hope to see you all there.  ~ Robin Ragen


From the Floor

Gale is a tremendous caller - he is very passionate about his calling and has a natural affection for dancers of all realms.


Gale is well known for his ability to call at high levels of dancing (A and

the different levels of C and awesome DBD).  At conventions you do not see a lot of him because he is consistently in the advanced halls. However, he calls a terrific mainstream; a 'twist you inside out' Plus and if he sees squares breaking down, he backs off and 'loosens' it up a bit.


Gale and his wife Jan contribute endless hours at the state and federation level of dancing - the parts that most run from at all cost - they volunteer for and do it well.   They are fun - they are beautiful people - inside and out - They are a tribute to square dancing -- both calling and dancing. We enjoy them a lot, as dancers, Gale as a caller, and as friends.  ~ JR



Gale is one of Iowa Hall of Famers--and well-deserving of that

honor. He can call and dance mainstream, plus, DBD, and advanced.  I once saw him dance the girl's part with Wiley Hutchinson as a partner to Tom Roper calling plus in an all-boy square. Up until then I had thought he was an always "serious" dancer, but he actually has a quiet dry sense of humor, and we love to dance to him. My favorite singing call of his is "YMCA." Gale can call by sight, is very knowledgeable, and can switch up or down in difficulty to fit the group he's calling for.  ~ MW

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