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It's been several years since Kenny called in Iowa, and he is looking forward to calling for the Fairfield Square Dance group and friends.

Kenny Bailey

Kenny Bailey, and his wife Debbie, took square dance lessons in the winter of 1982-83. Kenny had been singing with a country band for a few years, and he decided that square dance music really suited his taste. With the encouragement from their caller/instructor, Kenny started doing singing calls during lessons, and then got a lot of experience doing exhibitions for a couple of clubs the summer of '83.


He called his first dance in September, 1983, and has been calling ever since. Kenny is currently club caller for the Beaux and Belles of Macon, MO, and the Peppy Promenaders of Chillicothe, MO. He also travels across much of North Missouri for calling engagements. He has called at the Missouri State Festival every year since 1983, and has called at several National Conventions. Kenny loves to sing, and almost always adds "belt buckle polishers" between tips. 


Kenny and Debbie live in Laclede, MO, a community of 345 people. They have been married 47 years, have one daughter and son-in-law, two granddaughters and one grandson. Kenny's "day job" is with Smith Motor, Brookfield, where he happily sells his customers new Ford vehicles.


From The Floor

A group from Fairfield went to Missouri to dance to Kenny Bailey - we all had a great time!  His voice is special and even during breaks entertained us with songs.  


He calls a lively dance, both Mainstream and Plus - we had an especially good time doing a session of 'hot hash' in small groups of four - fun, competitive, challenging and a great workout.  We all had a ball doing it and it appeared Kenny loved challenging us. This made our trip complete.  


He tunes his tip for the floor - new and experienced dancers all had fun.  His years of experience and love of the dance shows!  A real entertainer!


Come join us this Saturday!  


~ DE


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