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Fairfield Square -   Copyright Paul Delisle, Fairfield IA
The Iowa Source

The Square Dance Revival in Fairfield

The Iowa Source - It's Hip to Be Square

Links to Square Dance Information and Sites

Online Video Square Dance Lessons - From SaddleBrooke Squares - Mainstream through Plus recorded live - listed by calls and lesson groups:

BlogSpot:  Fairfield Square Dance - Notes From Extended Applications Classes

Taminations - Square Dance animations.  Here you will find animations for calls from Mainstream through C3A.   

Highly recommended for study of individual calls - they include both written and graphical presentation.

Jerry Story -

Native Fairfielder, Jerry Story, is one of the world’s best callers!  We are fortunate that he does special weekends here in Fairfield, like the October Fall Festival in addition to finding the time from his  worldwide travels to drop in for special classes and dances with the Fairfield Group - see: Jerry Story page on this site.

The commercial Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM web site,, has many useful resources for square dancers.

Square Dance Resource Net Comphrensive resource on Square Dancing:

Clubs and Activities in SE Iowa​ - List of clubs in South East Iowa

 Fairfield Iowa Square Dance on FaceBook:

Where to stay & eat in Fairfield, Iowa


Fairfield Sq. Dance Name Badges

We like this badge for its simplicity - Using just the first name and location communicates easily & quickly.

$10  shipped  Red background was chosen for the Fairfield Group.

French & Italian Interpreter & Turtoring - S. Viger-Edson

Tel: 641-233-1331 

French & Italian: While not square dance related, Sarvani Viger-Edson, the main force behind square dancing in Fairfield, also specializes in French & Italian interpreting and tutoring:

French & Italian Interpreter & Tutoring 

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