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Pam, from Batavia Ohio, started calling in 1990 - is a national caller and most recently was at the Ilinois State Convention..​

In Ohio she is the caller for Zagnuts Advanced Square Dance Club, Co-Teacher for Frontier Squares and Venus & Mars.


She loves to travel, yodel, and call for a variety of levels including one-night events, kid functions, classes, square dance club functions, conventions, weekends & festivals.  She has set aside time to come to Fairfield, Iowa to do weekend workshops for Mainstream, Plus, and High Energy coupled with a Saturday evening dance.


Her moto for square dancing: 

Square dancing is contagious FUN - let's start an epidemic!  


She demonstrates this in her lively tips and teaching style.

Pam Courts

From The Floor:

In the 'world of square dancing' you will dance to many, many good callers - a huge percentage of which are men.   Dancers have an opportunity, however, to dance to one of the very best woman callers in the business (if not the best), Pam Courts. 


Pam is a brilliant diamond in the business of square dance calling and teaching.  Pam is a national caller, residing in the Cincinnati Ohio area and is traveling to Fairfield, Iowa to call a FULL weekend of workshops (4) and a Saturday night dance - November 9 and 10, 2014.    ~ JR


Pam's workshop last year was an outstanding success!

Both very experienced and new dancers raved over the workshops and her teaching skills - all had great fun.

Her years of experience show - she is both entertaining and instructive, coupled with her wonderful singing voice - you want more and more. 

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