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Robin Ragen

Our teacher, Robin Ragen,  has been the Square Dance caller for the  Dudes 'n Dolls Square Dance Club in Ottumwa since 2005.


He trained as a caller with Jerry Junck, Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine and  other callers of national fame.  Jerry Story is originally from Fairfield  and comes back to Iowa regularly to call dances in the Mid West.

Robin started teaching Square Dance classes in 2005  and has found a rich source of enthusiastic new students in Fairfield, where he is about to start  his 8th session of classes, both Mainstream and Plus dancing,   for beginners and  more advanced students and now the new Club 50 and Extended Applications (EA).  


Robin is continuing his work with Jerry Story to bring in the Club 50 approach and EA to new students and the current Fairfield Group.. 

Robin Ragen (Ottumwa, IA)



Please see CLASSES for all related information.

Rockin Robin
Robin & Pam
Robin receiving gift of appreciation
Robin & Pam
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