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Sprosty Brothers


Doug and Don Sprosty, twin brothers who grew up traveling to square dances around the country with their parents. They began calling dances when they were 12, and have been at it for 41 years.


Last year, the twins  logged more than twenty one thousand miles. Sometimes calling three to five nights a week

From the Floor

Always entertaining,  Doug & Don put on a great fun dance.  We have had the privilege of dancing to them on several occasions, both locally in Fairfield and Houghton where all enjoyed it greatly.  Other venues included the Solid Gold weekend with Tom Manning, Bob Asp, and the Sprosty brotheres.   Days of dancing and fun followed by a memorable breakfast for all hosted at Doug & Dons home.  


We look forward to the dance with them this March 1st in the continuing first Sunday square dances series on the renowned wood dance floor at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.


Come join us in an afternoon of fun and entertainment!   ~DE


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