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Experience one of the great callers of our times! 

Comment from the last Fairfield Workshop

The way a caller in a workshop can take a few basic calls and work them from a variety of new  positions really cements them in your feet. And it's a fun way to learn, too!


A Tom Manning workshop is like a high energy dance experience where you're also learning new basics and subtleties. It's non-stop fun from the first move.  ~ DF

Tom has been around square dancing all of his life starting at 8.  Tom called full time for about 15 years starting in 1984.  He traveled extensively from California to Florida doing dances, weekend and festivals.  Tom has called in approximately 40 states, including Hawaii.  His travels have also taken him to Canada and Mexico.  He calls for a plus club, the Circle Square B Promenaders in Wever, Iowa and has an advanced workshop group in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  Although Tom has limited his travels, he will call specials and festivals on weekends a little farther from home.

He is a member of CALLERLAB serving on the Mainstream and Plus committees and the Applications Review Committee.  He is also a member of the Southeast Iowa Callers Association having held every office. In 2002 Tom was inducted into the Iowa Square Dance Callers Hall of Fame and in 2010 he and his wife Ella were inducted into the Illinois Square Dance Hall of Fame.  


For more information on Tom go to

Tom Manning

Tom Manning

Plus DBD Classes 

Starting May 21st

For Those Already Dancing Plus 

Tom Manning

Where: Mt Pleasant, IA

7:00 - 9:00 PM

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