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Videos on Square Dancing

 *  KTVO Short News Clip  *

Farifield Square Sunday Dance

Phoenix Rising Bldg - May 31, 2015

FAIRFIELD, IOWA -- Residents of Fairfield and surrounding areas put on their dancing shoes Sunday afternoon.

The Fairfield square dancing group hosted a square dancing event at Phoenix Rising Hall.


The group hosts at least one event a month on Sunday afternoons.


Sunday's event was scheduled when square dance caller--Bob Asp--called saying he would be in town.


Dancers at the square dance event have learned how to square dance and say the learning is on-going.

"Everybody's having a good time and that's it," said square dance caller, Bob Asp.

"It's a wonderful way for people to get together, have a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, music, dance to the beat, dance with seven other people in a square. It's just loads of fun," said organizer, Sarvani Viger-Edson.

The Fairfield square dancing group teaches classes four days a week.

FAIRFIELD, IOWA - Large Japanese group attending the October Fest Square Dance weekend in Fairfield Iowa give a demonstration of their square dance acuity at the MUM Campus in the Argiro student union.

Musical and Mathematical Design of Square Dance Singing Calls Part 1 - Guy L. Steele Jr

Square dancing in the modern style is an interesting mixture of physical movement and mental activity as dancers react in real time to whatever the square dance caller asks them to do from moment to moment. There are mental challenges for the caller, too, to take a popular song you might know—but never think of as a square-dance song—and weave the names of square dance calls into the lyrics so that it all flows and times out properly, both musically and choreographically. Concepts from computer science as well as musicology are helpful in organizing solutions to this multidimensional optimization problem.

Guy L. Steele Jr. (MIT PhD '80, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, National Academy of Engineering) is the co-inventor (with MIT Prof. Gerald Jay Sussman) of the Scheme programming language and wrote the first Scheme compiler.


He is a co-author of books about C, Common Lisp, High Performance Fortran, and Java, as well as The Hacker's Dictionary (MIT Press). He designed the original EMACS command set and was the first person to port TeX. He currently leads the Programming Language Research Group at Oracle Labs.

Tech Squares Caller, Ted Lizotte. Recorded March 5, 2011, at a Tech Squares weekend, East Hill Farm, Troy, NH.


Tech Squares  is the square and round dance of MIT  founded in 1967.  Tech Squares dances modern Western square dancing to a professional caller (Ted Lizotte)

Square Dancing is popular in Europe too - this video from the Easter Festival, Örebro Sweden.  

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